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cone_fields_ Struct Reference

#include <vrmltypes.h>

Detailed Description

Internal rapresentation of the fields of vrml Cone node.

The Cone node is formally defined as:

Cone { 
  field     SFFloat   bottomRadius 1        # (0,)
  field     SFFloat   height       2        # (0,)
  field     SFBool    side         TRUE
  field     SFBool    bottom       TRUE
See also:
International Standard ISO/IEC 14772-1:1997 : Information technology -- Computer graphics and image processing -- The Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML) -- Part 1: Functional specification and UTF-8 encoding. Chapter 6.11 Cone

Data Fields

float bottomRadius
 The radius of the cone.

float height
 The height of the cone.

bool side
 Tell if the side must be drawn.

bool bottom
 Tell if the bottom must be drawn.

Field Documentation

bool cone_fields_::bottom

Tell if the bottom must be drawn.

float cone_fields_::bottomRadius

The radius of the cone.

float cone_fields_::height

The height of the cone.

bool cone_fields_::side

Tell if the side must be drawn.

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