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navigation_fields_ Struct Reference

#include <vrmltypes.h>

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Detailed Description

Internal rapresentation of the fields of vrml Navigation node.

The Navigation node is formally defined as:

NavigationInfo { 
  eventIn      SFBool   set_bind
  exposedField MFFloat  avatarSize      [0.25, 1.6, 0.75] # [0,)
  exposedField SFBool   headlight       TRUE
  exposedField SFFloat  speed           1.0               # [0,)
  exposedField MFString type            ["WALK", "ANY"]
  exposedField SFFloat  visibilityLimit 0.0               # [0,)
  eventOut     SFBool   isBound
See also:
International Standard ISO/IEC 14772-1:1997 : Information technology -- Computer graphics and image processing -- The Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML) -- Part 1: Functional specification and UTF-8 encoding. Chapter 6.29 Navigation

Data Fields

mffloat avatarSize
 The size of the avatar.

bool headlight
 Tell if the headlight must be on.

float speed
 set the avatar speed

char ** type
 Tell how the avatar can move.

float visibilityLimit
 Tell how far the avatar can see.

Field Documentation

mffloat navigation_fields_::avatarSize

The size of the avatar.

bool navigation_fields_::headlight

Tell if the headlight must be on.

float navigation_fields_::speed

set the avatar speed

char** navigation_fields_::type

Tell how the avatar can move.

float navigation_fields_::visibilityLimit

Tell how far the avatar can see.

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